About after.church

After.Church is an online journal of what comes after, and as, we give up our false notions of what church has to be, and open ourselves up to what it really is and can be.


Church is a complicated and often misconstrued word. It can refer to a physical place, a gathering to perform  some practice at a set time, or a particular group of people with shared beliefs. Each of these usages have a complicated relationship with the others and each is undergoing a radical, and necessary, process of redefinition.

Each definition of church is experiencing a time of deep challenge and necessary transformation; a reformation if you will. With curation of interesting content from elsewhere, and original material here, we hope to highlight the hints of what is to be provided by adaptive and innovative places, practices, and people.

The world is in dire need of the bold, liberated people that are formed by healthy faith communities. We are eager to better recognize and understand the church’s ongoing reformation and to provide a forum for those who are interested in looking forward.

If you have know of something we’ve missed, or would like to offer something original for consideration, send us an email.