The thing that kills people…

The homeless don’t just die of hypothermia, mental illness, and addictions.
I think some just die from a lack of touch. Loneliness.
The same is true for the elderly.

We have so often made touch dirty or sexualized it. That’s a shame.
I try to hand out hugs, as much as communion, while doing ministry in the park.
People need human touch. Jesus got this for sure.

Hug someone today (especially someone who probably won’t get a lot of them.)

There. Sermon over.
Enough talk.
Go. Do.  🙂

Jerry Herships is a storyteller, love monger, spiritual entrepreneur, and founder of AfterHours, a experimental faith & action group based in Denver Colorado. Jerry helps to feed 700+ poor & homeless every week and does church in bars all over the city that they call Happy Hours. He loves wine and God.

Photo Credit: Cropped from “Homeless and cold” by Flickr user Ed Yourdon.

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